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We totally understand our customer’s concerns regarding staying safe as we all start to return to work, and believe that our machines continue to offer a simple and safe on-site solution for the provision of hot and cold drinks and snacks.

All of our machines are hygienically cleaned inside and out on every visit with anti-viral cleaning sprays, by our skilled team of operators wearing appropriate PPE which is changed for every site.

Our snack and cold drinks machines are loaded by our operators, again wearing appropriate PPE, and are stored in a “no touch” environment behind a glass door.

Many of our machines feature wipe clean touch screens and contactless payment systems for selection and payment.

All of our machines are self-service fully automated units with no person-to-person contact, giving the user the chance to purchase without the need for face masks and social distancing.

If required, we can fit any of our machines with door-mounted sanitiser dispensers

and signage for total peace of mind and hygiene between usage.

We can supply PPE packs for vending from any of our snack and cold drinks machines,

please ask for details if required.

For sites with banks of multiple machines, we can supply and fit divider screens

and floor stickers to make social distancing easier.

Our warehouse, vehicles and equipment are all being mist sanitised

on a regular basis to ensure total hygiene.

Our staff are observing social distancing and wearing appropriate PPE branded on the back to assist when on site, plus our operators work on their own routes and do not come into contact with each other, so there is no cross-contamination between sites.

We have used our predictive route management software to reduce our re-stocking visits to the minimum, to reduce unnecessary visits to your site.

We continue to believe that vending is of great benefit to any business

in the fight against Covid-19 by;

- Offering a hygienic, simple and easy-to-control alternative to catering

- Reducing contamination and infection risk as users stay on site

- Making social distancing easier and reducing queues with multi-location stations

- Improving wellbeing by providing an anxiety-free, convenient solution

- Not requiring staff to run or service the catering or beverage provision

- Making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) easily available in any area where there is vending

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